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June 03 2015

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Lana Del Rey

Happy International Sex Workers’ Day Everyone!


If you wanna be my lover, you gotta RESPECT JAMES POTTER’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT 

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I recently found an app called “VENT” 
Just by looking at the name, it clearly explains what is this app for!

This is an app where you can express your emotions without the threat of bullying. Additionally, this app offers support and help you to find new friends *yayyy*!!

Vent has been purposely designed to feel uplifting. Even though, there’s something on your mind that keeps bring you down, they want you to feel empowered. I have installed this app on my phone, and it strangely addictive!! Feel free to follow me, @jesslyn :) 

**If link doesn’t work, please open in web browser**

Definitely recommend app! *BUT BE AWARE OF POSSIBLE TRIGGERS*

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the signs as kisses


aries - lip bites 

taurus - smiling-against-your-lips kisses

gemini - eskimo kisses

cancer - lingering kisses

leo - slam-against-your-face kisses

virgo - shy pecks

libra - flirty air kisses

scorpio - hickeys/neck kisses

sagittarius - laughing kisses

capricorn - french kisses

aquarius - quick kisses

pisces - soft and quiet kisses




shout out to the vietnamese kids named phuc, dam, bich, son, dat, nga and so much more for enduring the namecalling and jokes about your name; you’re strong and beautiful.

& đông and dủng

lemme tell yall, my mom came to america when she was around 4 y/o and went to school in america and the white kids made jokes about her name becus her name was MyDung. when she was old enough she changed her legal name to a more “acceptable” one becus she was afraid it wouldnt b seen professional in america. she was too embarrassed to say her name out loud. when she did have to, she’d say it quietly. ever since i was a kid i would notice her behavior when ppl asked her name. so yeah fuckin SHOUTOUT to vietnamese kids w/ vietnamese names who get teased, yall amazing

June 02 2015





I need volunteers

For what?

I’m going to the airport wearing an expensive black dress with a diamond necklace and glasses of champagne in both hands, waltzing through, casually reminding my chauffeur to haul my bags in for me. I need 4-5 attractive people (race+gender doesn’t matter) wearing clothes that are not better than mine, and cool sunglasses begging me not to leave, on their knees, barely grasping my dress because they want me to stay but at the same time they know the dress is worth more than anything they can ever afford. Turning around every so slightly and almost spilling, but not quite all the way there, my champagne, I’ll laugh and say quite loudly, “darlings I have to visit my ACTUAL husband!”

how do i get in on this

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hnnnnnnnnn i need a binder

Insurances that cover hormones/gender reassignment surgery


Just a quick guide for all you guys and girls having trouble finding the right insurance. It’s incredibly difficult to find insurance that covers sex reassignment surgery, and even when then do, there’s a chance you’ll be denied. 

Make sure you guys are informed so you can make the right healthcare decisions!

Aetna: [x] [x]
Amerigroup: [x]
AHCCCS: Covers T/Estrogen only
Blue Cross Anthem: [x]
Blue Cross of Massachusetts: [x]
Blue Cross Michigan: [x]
Blue Cross North Carolina: [x
Blue Cross North Dakota: [x]
Blue Cross Rhode Island: [x]
Blue Cross Tennessee: [x]
Blue Cross Vermont: [x]
Blue Shield CA: [x]
Care First: [x]
Cigna: [x]
Emblem Health: [x]
Excellus Blue Cross (NY): [x]
Group Health Cooperative: [x]
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care: [x]
Health Net:[x]
Health Partners: [x]
HighMark: [x]
Independence Blue Cross: [x]
Medicare: [x]
Obamacare: [x]
United Healthcare: [x]
Wellmark BCBS: [x]
Wellpoint/Unicare: [x]

If you have any more, please add them to the list!

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no sorry ur going to hell


*doesn’t have internet access for a week*


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